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Summary of Contents



Page 2 - WARNING!!

2Names and functions7. EXECUTE/STYLE EDIT buttonUsed to save the edited program and/or to copy the program. In EDIT mode, used to switch betweenthe ST

Page 3

3Names and functionsREAR PANEL12345 6 78910111. MIC inputInput of microphone signal level. When both the MIC input and LINE input are connected, the L



Page 5 - Copyright Notice

5Practical Operation1. Connect a microphone to the MIC (XLR) input terminal.2. Connect the MIC (XLR) output terminal to the microphone input terminal


6Practical OperationSTYLE: Generates harmony by itselfThe harmony is decided by setting the KEY and assigning the harmony pattern (STYLE), such as Uni

Page 7

7EDIT ModeEDIT ModeAs available in the Preset Programs, when the programs that generate the harmony by itself, i.e. STYLE orCHORD, are used, the harmo

Page 8

8EDIT Mode<On KEY>It is not possible to obtain the correct harmony when the KEY setting of the program and that of theactual song are different.

Page 9 - Names and functions

9EDIT Mode4. Press the < button to move the cursor down to the lower line of the screen.5. Press the > button to move the cursor to [H1].6. Turn

Page 10

102. Turn the BANK/DATA control to select KEY parameter.3. Press the < button to move the cursor down to the lower line of the screen and select [C

Page 11 - REAR PANEL

1110. Pressing the EDIT button to move the cursor up to the upper line of the screen and press it againto return to the VOICING parameter screen.✽ The

Page 12 - Basic Operation

vThe lightning flash with arrowhead symbol , within an equilateral triangle, isintended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated “dangerous vo

Page 13 - Practical Operation

123. Select CHORD parameter using the BANK/DATA control.4. Press the < button to move the cursor down to the lower line of the screen.5. Select [01

Page 14

13editing or edit CHORD from the CHORDS parameter (when the CHORD is edited from the CHORDSparameter, it can be edited irrelevant to the settings of V

Page 15 - EDIT Mode

14MODALThe harmony is generated by setting the KEY, TEMPLATE (specifies the interval, unison, 3rd, 5th,etc.) and VOICING (specifies the harmony patter

Page 16

15Editing the MODAL ProgramHere, we use the PROGRAM A in BANK41 to explain editing the MODAL Program. Select the PROGRAM Ain BANK41 ([41A C6th Modal]

Page 17

16LO, LO, - -, HI, HILO, HI, - -, HI, HILO: Harmony voice lower to the original voice addedHI: Harmony voice higher to the original voice addedEditing

Page 18

17When the Base channel in MIDI SYSTEM is set to channel 1, each harmony part can be controlled bysetting the sequence data as follows.(Example)Track1

Page 19

18(Example 1) Set the BUDDIES parameter as [ , , , , ].The 4 part harmony is generated when 4 MIDI note information is received (playing 4notes on

Page 20

19(Example 1) Set the VOICING parameter as [→1-2 -- →3→4] and play the chord notes in the orderof C, E, G, B keys on the keyboard.The 4 part harmony i

Page 21

20✽ To switch between the Main Parameter and Sub Parameter, it is necessary to set the Sub Parametersetting to ON (refer to the Setting the Sub Parame

Page 22

215. While the PROGRAM A is held pressed, select [3E] using the BANK/DATA control (Sub Style). ORIGINAL C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B HARMONY E - G - G

Page 23

iWARNINGThe HV10 is designed to be used in a standard household environment.Power requirements for electrical equipment vary from area to area. Pleas

Page 24

22[- -] No Pitch Correction applied.[1 ~ 9] Corrects the pitch of the harmony based on the reference pitch set in TUNE ADJUST. It is usedto correct th

Page 25

23OUT: It is used to transmit the System Exclusive data to the external Sequencers (refer toSystem Exclusive).MIDI RECV (Receive)Move the cursor to th

Page 26

24COPY PROG. (Program)Copies the PROGRAM. Select the PROGRAM to copy at From field and then press the EXECUTE/STYLE EDIT button. The selected PROGRAM

Page 27 - Sub Parameters

25COMBI (nation) PEDALWhen the footswitch of the following circuit diagram is connected to the FOOTSWITCH ON/OFF(COMBI), it can be used to switch betw

Page 28

26The MIDI receiving channels of the harmonies are as follows.ORIGINAL > MIDI channel set at Base in MIDI SYSTEM (e.g. 01ch)Harmony L2 > ORIGINA

Page 29 - VOICE Parameters

27SpecificationsTerminals:MIC input (Input impedance: Effect On/4k ohms or more, Off/True Bypass)LINE input (Input impedance: 33k ohms or more)MIC out

Page 30 - SOLO Function

28AppendixPreset Program List 1/2L1 L2 Origin H1 H2 L1 L2 Origin H1 H2 L1 L2 Origin H1 H2 L1 L2 Origin H1 H2 L1 L2 Origin H1 H2 L1 L2 Origin H1 H2 L1

Page 31

29Preset Program List 2/2L2 Origin H1 H2 L1 L2 Origin H1 H2 L1 L2 Origin H1 H2 L1 L2 Origin H1 H2 L1 L2 Origin H1 H2 L1 L2 Origin H1 H2Prog Prog ProgN

Page 33 - Operation Using MIDI


Page 34 - Reset to Factory Default

iiCAUTION (Only for the product sold in Canada and U.S.A.)To prevent electric shock, do not use this polarized AC power plug with an extension cord, r

Page 35 - Specifications

32Appendix3B+5D3A+5A3A+5B3D+5E3E+5C3E+5E 3F+5F3G+5GThe followings show the examples of typical harmonies using the Preset Styles.Since the melody and

Page 36 - Appendix

33Date: July, 2002Model: HV10 Version: V1.0Function Transmitted Recognized RemarksDefault x 1Changed x 1-16Default x xMessages x xAltered x xx 0-127Tr

Page 37

Printed in Japan

Page 38

マイク in / out 使用時の注意点本機は、マイクロホン in/out 端子(XLR ジャック)のみ、Normal Bypass とTrue Bypass を切り替える事が可能です。切り替え方法は、 PROGRAM A スイッチを押しながら電源を入れると “ Normal Bypass”

Page 39

iiiFCC WARNINGThis equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device pursuant to Part 15of the FCC rules. Th

Page 40

ivWARRANTYAKAI professional M.I. Corp. warrants its products, when purchased from an authorized “AKAI professional”dealer, to be free from defects in

Page 41 - MIDI Implementation Chart

vContentsContentsGenera ... 1Names and

Page 42 - Printed in Japan

viContentsSOLO Function ........22GLOBAL Pa

Page 43 - マイク in / out 使用時の注意点

1General /Names and functionsGeneralThe DecaBuddy mixes up to 9 voice sound in addition, to the original 1 voice sound. That’s where the namedeca (Dec

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