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Summary of Contents



Page 2 - Version 2.00

6 Improvements to GRID EDIT Mode Track Lock Individual tracks in a sequence can now be locked for editing. This will allow data on that track to b

Page 3

7 03. To edit an individual event with more detail, select the event and press the [WINDOW] button. This will display the EVENTS Window. Here,

Page 4

8 Improvements to SONG Mode  LOCATE Locate is now available in SONG Mode, as well as MAIN Mode. To access Locate in SONG Mode, press the [LOCATE

Page 5 - Improvements to MAIN Mode

9 Improvements to REC SAMPLE Mode When recording samples, it is now possible to set the Root Note. This parameter determines at what key the samp

Page 6 - Metronome Improvements

10 Improvements to HD RECORD Mode Track Mix Access in HD RECORD Mode When in HD RECORD Mode, it is now possible to access the Sequence Track Mixer.

Page 7 -  PAD MUTE

11 Improvements to MIXER Mode Take Over Mode When 'Take Over Mode' is active, when on the TrkMIX, PrgMIX, HD MIX, SYNTH, and EFFECTS EDIT

Page 8 - Next Sequence for next bar

12 Improvements to TRIM Mode Popup List for Samples When selecting Samples to edit in TRIM Mode, all samples in memory are displayed in a scrollabl

Page 9

13 Other Improvements  Assigns a sample to a pad directly in TRIM Mode The MPC5000 can now directly assign samples to a pad. To do so, do the f

Page 10 - Controller View

14 [F4] (CANCEL) / [F5] (DO IT) Press [F4] (CANCEL) to abort the GAIN operation. Press [F5] (DO IT) to apply the change.  Bit Reduce The Bit Re

Page 11

15  Fade Out This function sets an automatic fade Out between the in and out point of the selected section. The following fade types are availab

Page 12 - Improvements to SONG Mode


Page 13

16 Improvements to PROGRAM Mode KEYGROUP Type Program New to the MPC5000 is a program type called KEYGROUP. A Keygroup program is a keymapped, mul

Page 14 - Erasing HD Track Automation

17  Adding Keygroups to a Keygroup Program When creating a new Keygroup program, a new program is created with one Keygroup by default, but you

Page 15 - Improvements to MIXER Mode

18  Panning Individual Samples While in the PLAY MODE Window, samples can individually panned. To pan samples, select and edit the 'PAN&a

Page 16 - Improvements to TRIM Mode

19  Pitchbend / Modwheel / Aftertouch The Pitchbend Range, Modwheel Depth and Aftertouch amount can be set in the PGM page. To access the PGM p

Page 17 - New Sample Edit Tools

20 03. When 'MULTI' is selected, all changes made to the selected pad will be applied to all other pads. You can further specify what

Page 18 -  Fade In

21 Improvements to EFFECT Mode Copy / Paste / Swap Effect Settings Newly added to the MPC5000 is the ability to Copy / Paste and Swap Effect Types

Page 19 -  Fade Out

22 Improvements to DISK Mode Automatically Create Programs from a Folder When loading a folder, the MPC5000 now has the ability to load only sample

Page 20 - Improvements to PROGRAM Mode

23 Other Improvements  Sample Loading When loading a Sample, all other samples assigned to the selected pad are shown.  Auditioning Synth Prog

Page 21 -  Sample Layer Crossfade

24 Improvements to Q-LINK Mode FX Q-Links New to the MPC5000 is the ability to automate individual Effects Parameters. To access FX Q-LINKS, press

Page 22 -  Keytracking

25 Default Q-LINK Mode In Q-LINK Mode, the Q-LINK Controllers always work as PROGRAM Q-LINKs or FX Q-LINKs, depending on which page is selected. Wh

Page 23 -  Multi Pad Edit

Improvements to MAIN Mode ... 1 Track Lock...

Page 24 - Additional Improvements

26 Improvements to MIDI/SYNC Mode Select Active Track with a Program Change The Sequencer's Active Track can now be selected by sending a Prog

Page 25 - Improvements to EFFECT Mode

27 Improvements to OTHER Mode Program Audition Note The note played when auditioning SYNTH Programs when pressing the PLAY button in DISK Mode can

Page 27

 Fade Out ...

Page 28 - Improvements to Q-LINK Mode

1 Improvements to MAIN Mode Track Lock Individual tracks in a sequence can now be locked for editing. This will allow data on that track to be pro

Page 29 - Default Q-LINK Mode

2 Pads C01-C16 Tracks 33-48 Pads D01-D16 Tracks 49-64 Metronome Improvements The Metronome has been updated to now include the following parameter

Page 30

3  PAD MUTE To turn on Pad Mute Quantization, do the following: 01. Press the [TRACK MUTE] Button This will open the TRACK MUTE Page. 02. Pres

Page 31 - Improvements to OTHER Mode

4 Next Sequence for next bar Sequences can now be changed at the end of the current measure that is playing using the NXTBAR option. In NEXT SEQUEN

Page 32

5 Improvements to STEP EDIT Mode Track Lock Individual tracks in a sequence can now be locked for editing. This will allow data on that track to b

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