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Version: 2.00
Date: 2/25/09
New features/Changes:
1. GENERAL: Allow for the recording of sysex messages via the MIDI In ports.
2. GENERAL: Improved data wheel handling.
3. GENERAL: MIDI echo will be ignored if arp is on. This allows for better usage when the MPC5000 is
used as a sound module.
4. MAIN: Added a MIDI Receive indicator.
5. MAIN: Hold [SHIFT] and hit a pad to set the current track.
6. MAIN: Added volume and output assignment to metronome.
7. MAIN: Add ability to lock tracks. A padlock icon is used to lock/unlock a track. When locked the track
cannot be edited (events can't be added, deleted or changed). STEP and GRID EDIT also have the padlock
shown in the top-right to indicate when a track is locked.
8. MAIN: Allow pad to set "Original Key Pad" for 16 levels.
9. MAIN: Altered metronome velocities (accent=127, normal=64).
10. MAIN: Ability to adjust the swing while playing.
11. MAIN:
New shortcuts in MAIN mode
[SHIFT] + [UP] = jumps to SEQUENCE Field.
[SHIFT] + [DOWN] = jumps to TRACK Field.
12. TRACK MUTE: Added quantize feature for Track and Pad mutes.
13. TRACK MUTE: Allow for sequence to change.
14. NEXT SEQ: Ability to change the sequence on the next bar.
15. SYNTH: Don't allow SYNTH button to change the track if the track is locked and is not a synth program.
16. Q-LINK: Added Effects automation. New page “FX Q”.
17. Q-LINK: Added Global Q-Link Mode. Press[SHIFT] to toggle global Qlink mode.
18. DISK: When loading a sample, the display now shows all samples currently assigned the pad.
19. DISK: Added ability to export a sequence to a MIDI file with only the number of tracks used.
20. DISK: Retain last Project name when saving.
21. DISK: Changed folder icon to make distinction between folders and files more obvious.
22. DISK: Option to create new program when loading samples. Also add a parameter to show which
program is being used (and this can be used to select which program is being assigned to).
23. DISK:
Enhancements to file explorer and list boxes:
[SHIFT]+[UP] = Jump to top of list
[SHIFT]+[DOWN] = Jump to bottom of list
[SHIFT]+[LEFT] = Jump to list of media in File Explorer
alphanumeric = Jump to next item in list starting with letter.
24. DISK: Add the ability to abort Load Folder, Load Project, Load Program with Samples by pressing
25. DISK: Ability to preview synth programs. Note is configured in the OTHER mode.
26. DISK: Option to load samples of a folder into a new program.
27. DISK: Keep cursor position after deleting files/folders.
28. DISK: Improved response of loading views in DISK mode.
29. DISK: Improved Hard Disk directory performance. Added cache to improve performance of
reading/writing to directory entries.
30. TRIM: Hold [SHIFT] and hit pad to assign sample to a pad. This will remove the sample from the pad if
it already exists, else it will add the sample to that pad.
31. TRIM: Hold [LOCATE] and hit pad to select the sample assigned to that pad from the current program for
32. TRIM: Add ability to zoom individual chops in Chopshop mode.
33. TRIM: Added Fade In, Fade Out, Gain, and Bit Reduce to Trim Edit functions.
34. TRIM: Added sample select window. Allow for pads to be played in the window to preview samples.
35. TRIM: Add ability to CONVERT a patched phrase to sliced samples in a program.
36. TRIM:
Add ability to set root note of a sample.
37. TRIM:
A Warning message is now shown when renaming a sample in Trim mode to a name that
already exists.
38. PROGRAM: Add the feature that remembers the last sample you had called up when assigning samples to
39. PROGRAM: Added "Edit Multiple Pads" feature.
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AKAI MPC5000 SOFTWARE RELEASE NOTES Version: 2.00 Date: 2/25/09 New features/Changes: 1. GENERAL: Allow for the recording of sysex messages vi

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40. PROGRAM: Improved time to load the “NOTE” page. 41. PROGRAM: Add program tune parameter (for DRUM programs). 42. PROGRAM: Added keygroup progra

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24. After deleting a soloed track all tracks remain muted and there is no way to unmute them. 25. Problems loading certain CD-DA tracks. 26. Settin

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Version: 1.02 Date: 8/5/08 New features/Changes: 1. Additional support for manufacturing. 2. MIDI Transport commands are now sent when received.

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32. In the 'Loop Measures' window, 'Total Bars' does not calculated correctly when 'Last Bar' = 'End'. 33. N

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