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Soundbox with iPod docking
GB 2
NL 19
FR 37
ES 55
DA 108
DE 72
EL 90
User manual
Manuel de l’utilisateur
Manual de instrucciones
Οδηγίες χρήσεως
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Soundbox with iPod docking

Soundbox with iPod dockingASB20IGB 2NL 19FR 37ES 55DA 108DE 72EL 90User manualGebruiksaanwijzingManuel de l’utilisateurManual de instruccionesGe

Page 2 - Copyright notice

10 11ASB20I10 11ASB20IOperation5. All functions of the appliance are accessible using the remote control. All instructions refer to operation with th

Page 3 - Safety1

10 11ASB20I10 11ASB20IiPod functions5.2 Installing and removing an iPod● To install an iPod:- Press the OPEN/CLOSE button (44) to open and raise the

Page 4 - Preparations for use2

12Dock adaptor compatibility Model Memory size Adaptor typeiPod Touch 8 GB 14 10 GB 14iPod 3G Nano 4 GB 13 8 GB 13iPod classic 80 GB 9 1

Page 5 - Installation3

13ASB20IRadio functions5.3 ● To select a preset radio station, press the INPUT button (43), then enter the number using the digit buttons (25). Alter

Page 6 - Remote control3.2

14● To set the correct minutes, press the PREV button (28) or the NEXT button (29).● To conrm the setting, press the MEM/SET button (27).Setting th

Page 7 - Battery power3.3

15ASB20IAlarm function5.6 To activate ALARM1:● To select the tone alarm mode, press the AL1 button (46) once. The alarm indicator (20) and the corres

Page 8 - Functions4

16Cleaning and maintenance6. ! WARNING Before performing any cleaning or maintenance, switch off and unplug the appliance.● Clean the outside of the

Page 9 - Remote control

17ASB20IAUXTrouble ActionNo sound on the unit system. Input source is low. Increase the volume level on the audio source device.Technical data8. Pa

Page 10 - Operation5

18 Disposal of used electrical 9. and electronic equipmentZThe meaning of the symbol on the material, its accessory or packaging indicates that this p

Page 11

Table of contentsCopyright noticeDesign and specications are subject to change without notice.1. Safety ...

Page 12 - Audio playback

3ASB20ISafety1. Intended use1.1 The iPod Music System functions as a docking station to play music from an iPod. The appliance also plays music from r

Page 13 - Clock functions5.4

4i This appliance is double insulated; therefore no earth wire is required. Always check that the mains voltage corresponds to the voltage on the rat

Page 14 - Setting the alarm time

5ASB20IInstallation3. ● Put the appliance on a horizontal at surface.● Connect the appliance to the mains. Read the paragraph "Connecting to t

Page 15 - Resetting the appliance5.7

66 7ASB20IConnecting to the mains3.1 ● Connect the adaptor plug on the adaptor cable to the DC12V connection.● Connect the mains plug to a wall soc

Page 16 - Troubleshooting7

6 7ASB20IBattery power3.3 The appliance can also be operated on battery power. For this purpose, the appliance uses eight batteries (C).i● Batterie

Page 17 - Technical data8

8Functions4. iPod Music System4.1 321 6 71413 15 1654 11108 9 121 Power/Standby button2 FUNCTION button3 SNOOZE button4 VOL - button5 VOL + butto

Page 18

9ASB20IDisplay17 Alarm mode indicator: iPod18 Alarm mode indicator: Radio19 Alarm mode indicator: Tone20 ALARM1 indicator21 ALARM2 indicator22 S

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