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User manual
Manuel de l’utilisateur
Manual de instrucciones
Οδηγίες χρήσεως
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Clockradio/CD-player

Clockradio/CD-playerARC120GB 2NL 15FR 29ES 43DE 57EL 71User manualGebruiksaanwijzingManuel de l’utilisateurManual de instruccionesGebrauchsanlei

Page 2 - Copyright notice

10Alarm function5.3 This function is available in CD, AM/FM and BUZZER mode. Two time slots are available (ALARM1 and ALARM2).● Switch the appliance

Page 3 - Safety1

11ARC120CD functions5.5 ● To select the CD function, slide the FUNCTION switch (16) to the CD position.● To insert a CD: - Open the appliance with t

Page 4 - Preparations for use2

12● Press the SKIP BACKWARD/MINUTE button (14) or the SKIP FORWARD/HOUR button (13) to select a desired track.● Press the PROGRAM button (6) to con

Page 5 - Installation3

13ARC120Troubleshooting7. Trouble ActionNo display Switch on the appliance. Connect the appliance properly. Select the correct function with the F

Page 6 - Install batteries

14 Disposal of used electrical 9. and electronic equipmentZThe meaning of the symbol on the material, its accessory or packaging indicates that this p

Page 7 - Functions4

Table of contentsCopyright noticeDesign and specications are subject to change without notice.1. Safety ...

Page 8

3ARC120Safety1. Intended use1.1 The Clockradio/CD player wakes you up with music from CD or radio broadcast. The clock function includes an alarm and

Page 9 - Operation5

4i This appliance is double insulated; therefore no earth wire is required. Always check that the mains voltage corresponds to the voltage on the rat

Page 10 - Radio functions5.4

5ARC120Installation3. ● Put the appliance on a horizontal at surface.● Connect the appliance to the mains.! CAUTION● Do not put the appliance nea

Page 11 - CD functions5.5

6i● Batteries are not included with this appliance.● Batteries are not necessary for normal operation.Install batteries● Remove the battery cover.●

Page 12 - Cleaning and maintenance6

7ARC120Functions4. Clockradio/CD player4.1 134567891517181920 16210 11 12 13 141 Headphone jack2 VOLUME dial3 ALARM1 button4 ALARM2 button5 CLOCK

Page 13 - Technical data8

8Display29 282223 24 25 26 272121 ALARM1 indicator22 ALARM2 indicator23 SLEEP indicator24 PROGRAM indicator25 REPEAT indicator26 SNOOZE indicato

Page 14

9ARC120Operation5. ● To switch on the appliance, press the ON/OFF button (17). The POWER ON indicator (29) on the display lights up. To switch off th

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