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Summary of Contents

Page 2 - Rev. 2 4/20/2000

4 Getting Started MESA IIHow to setup MESA II in a SCSI environmentSCSI (Small Computer System Interface) is a fast communication protocol designedpri

Page 3 - Contents

MESA II Getting Started 5About MESA II developer teamMESA II has been developed by Andy Bull of Living Memory, London as part of aworldwide AKAI prof

Page 4

6 New Functions MESA IINew FunctionsMESA II is a major update from earlier versions of MESA. The interactivity of theprogram has been drastically enh

Page 5 - MESA II Contents iii

MESA II New Functions 7Dynamic Menu BarsAll menu bars are now dynamically interactive and display a specific set of menu op-tions - dependent on whe

Page 6

8 New Functions MESA IIScriptingWith a dictionary of MESA II objects provided, writing AppleScript has been made easierto use scripting functions. So

Page 7 - About MESA II

MESA II Tutorial 9TutorialApplication Made Easy to useThis simple Tutorial is written to provide a quick 'hands-on' overview of MESA II.

Page 8 - Getting Started

10 Tutorial MESA IIthe selection.When OMS is used;* Select the name of your Sampler and click OK.* Select "Memory" (Command + 3) from the Wi

Page 9 - OMS MIDI Stuff

MESA II Tutorial 11empty Information Window will appear.* Select a sample from the Memory Window and drag and drop it into the "untitled"W

Page 10

12 Tutorial MESA IIlected part, the Shift key and Selection Tool are used. Click anywhere outside theselected part to deselect.The Information Window

Page 11 - About MESA II developer team

MESA II Tutorial 13Step 7: Creating a new programTo create a new (empty) program;* Open the Memory Window on the Sampler Editor, and select "Ne

Page 12 - New Functions

Rev. 2 4/20/2000

Page 13

14 Tutorial MESA IIThe Control Center,and the ProgramSelector are de-scribed in details intheir own ChaptersStep 9: Creating more sophisticated progra

Page 14 - Scripting

MESA II Tutorial 15Now let's play this program. At the lower half of the Keyboard, "SINE" is played, and atthe higher half of the Ke

Page 15 - Tutorial

16 Overview of MESA II Editors MESA IIOverview of MESA II EditorsAbout MESA II EditorsMESA II is operated in the scope of each Editor. Those Editors

Page 16

MESA II Overview of MESA II Editors 17Finder easy. The programs and samples created on the Sampler can be saved as thefiles on the Macintosh. Besi

Page 17 - Step 5: Editing a sample

18 The Sampler Editor MESA IIThe Sampler EditorIn this chapter, the menu command and window of the Sampler Editor will be explained.Selecting the Sam

Page 18 - Step 6: Saving a sample

MESA II The Sampler Editor 19Export Program.../Export FX File...Saves the selected program to your Mac hard disk. The sample can be exported at th

Page 19

20 The Sampler Editor MESA IIDuplicate Program...Duplicates the current program being edited.Duplicate Keygroup(s)Duplicated the current keygroups be

Page 20

MESA II The Sampler Editor 21Program Selector WindowThe Program Selector Window lets you select the program and select, add and deletethe keygroups

Page 21 - Step 10: Saving the program

22 The Sampler Editor MESA IIControl Center WindowThe Control Center Window provides almost all controls that are used to create andedit a program fr

Page 22 - Overview of MESA II Editors

MESA II The Sampler Editor 23Output & LevelsThis section lets you set the parameters related to the output of the program.MIDI SetupThis sectio

Page 23 - Overview of Keyboard Editor

MESA II Contents iContentsAbout MESA II ...

Page 24 - The Sampler Editor

24 The Sampler Editor MESA IITuning & BendThis section lets you set the parameters related to the tuning and bend of the program.PortamentThis se

Page 25 - Edit Menu

MESA II The Sampler Editor 25ModulationThis section lets you set the parameters related to the modulation of the program.LFO 1This section lets you

Page 26 - EB16 Menu

26 The Sampler Editor MESA IILFO 2This section lets you set the parameters related to the LFO2 of the program.VerocityZone 1 (2, 3, 4)This section le

Page 27 - Program Selector Window

MESA II The Sampler Editor 27Envelope 1This section lets you set the parameters related to the Envelope 1 of the program.Envelope 2 (3)This section

Page 28 - Control Center Window

28 The Sampler Editor MESA II Sample Assign & Key Span WindowThis window is used to assign samples, their keyspan, and their velocity zone for ea

Page 29 - MIDI Setup

MESA II The Sampler Editor 29Memory WindowThe Memory Window shows the programs and samples that are currently residing inthe Sampler memory. It al

Page 30 - Filter 1 (2)

30 The Sampler Editor MESA IIDisk WindowThe Disk Window shows the contents of a floppy disk or the external SCSI devicesconnected to the Sampler.The

Page 31 - Modulation

MESA II The Sampler Editor 31Quick Access WindowThe Quick Access Window provides an easy access to the key parameters in all pro-grams and keygroup

Page 32 - VerocityZone 1 (2, 3, 4)

32 The Sampler Editor MESA IIMulti WindowThe Multi Window sets the multi mode parameters of the Sampler.The manipulation of this window is the same a

Page 33 - Temperament

MESA II The Sampler Editor 33The Effect relatedwindows open uponly when the EB16Effect board is in-stalled in the Sam-pler.FX Routing/Selection Win

Page 34 - Duplicate keygroups

ii Contents MESA IIOverview of Keyboard Editor ...

Page 35 - Memory Window

34 The Sampler Editor MESA IIRing Mod/Distortion WindowThe Ring Mod/Distortion Window sets the Ring Modulator and Distortion parameters.Freq: Sets th

Page 36 - Disk Window

MESA II The Sampler Editor 35Modulation WindowThe Modulation Window sets the modulation parameters.There are 5 types of modulation functions availa

Page 37 - Mute Groups Window

36 The Sampler Editor MESA IIFreq Mod/Auto Pan<FMod>Speed: Adjusts the modulation frequencyDepth: Adjusts the amount of EffectFeedback: Adjust

Page 38 - Multi Window

MESA II The Sampler Editor 37Pitch Shift + FdbkSemi: Sets the amount of shift in semi-tone stepCent: Sets the amount of shift in cent (1/100 of sem

Page 39 - FX Routing/Selection Window

38 The Sampler Editor MESA IIDelay/Echo WindowThe Delay/Echo Window sets the Delay/Echo parameters.There are 4 types of Delay/Echo functions availabl

Page 40 - 4 Band EQ Window

MESA II The Sampler Editor 39Reverb WindowThe Reverb Window sets the Reverb parameters.There are several types of Reverb functions available: one c

Page 41 - Modulation Window

40 The Sampler Editor MESA IIFX Filing and Naming WindowThis window will let you rename the Effect and Reverb names, and copy, save and loadthe files

Page 42 - Pitch Shift

MESA II Audio Editor 41Audio EditorIn this chapter, the Menu Commands and Windows regarding the Audio Editor will beexplained.Selecting the “Audio E

Page 43 - Pitch Shift + Fdbk

42 Audio Editor MESA IIEdit MenuUndoAllows you to undo the last edit operation.CutNot enabled.CopyCopies selected 16 bit audio data to the clipboard

Page 44 - Delay/Echo Window

MESA II Audio Editor 43View MenuThe View Menu sets the parameters of Audio Editor display.Tool BarOpens the Tool Bar Window. It contains the editin

Page 45 - Reverb Window

MESA II Contents iiiDisk Window ...

Page 46 - FX Filing and Naming Window

44 Audio Editor MESA IIDSP MenuSelect the editing part and channel first, then use this DSP functions.The DSP Menu contains various Digital Signal Pr

Page 47 - Audio Editor

MESA II Audio Editor 45Fade...Allows you to fade in/fade out in either logarithmic (Log) or linear (Lin) form.High Pass Filter...Sets the cutoff fre

Page 48

46 Audio Editor MESA IIQuick Filter...Integrates the High Pass and Low Pass Filters into the one window. Select either oneof them.ReverseReverses th

Page 49 - View Menu

MESA II Audio Editor 47Audio Editor WindowTitle Bar: Displays the sample name.Ruler: Shows the location in the unit specified in the View Menu.Overv

Page 50 - DSP Menu

48 Audio Editor MESA IIanother mono sample of the same length copied from other Audio Editor Window to anempty right channel to make a stereo file.If

Page 51 - MESA II Audio Editor 45

MESA II Audio Editor 49Tool Bar WindowThe Tool Bar Window provides tools and transport controllers to edit samples. If theTool Bar Window is not op

Page 52 - Time Stretch

50 Audio Editor MESA IIDrag ToolYou can drag the wave form from the Audio Editor Window and drop it to the Finder orto the Memory Window in the Sampl

Page 53 - Audio Editor Window

MESA II Audio Editor 51Info Bar WindowThe Info Bar Window shows the information about the sample in the Audio Editor Win-dow.To open the Info Bar Wi

Page 54 - Tools are described

52 Audio Editor MESA IIRecord WindowThe Record Window opens up when “Record...” is selected from the File Menu. In thisWindow, the sample will be re

Page 55 - Tool Bar Window

MESA MIDI Keyboard 53MIDI KeyboardMIDI Keyboard Editor provides a very basic Mac interface to let you play MIDI Noteswith the little keyboard on the s

Page 56

iv Contents MESA IIDSP Menu...

Page 57 - Info Bar Window

54 MESA II AppleScript MESA IIMESA II AppleScriptAppleScript is available to Mac user as part of the Mac OS (version 7.5 or later), and isa very simp

Page 58 - Record Window

MESA II MESA II AppleScript 55"Display Dialogue" ("Display"). If these scripts do not work on your system, eitherremove the ref

Page 59 - MIDI Keyboard

56 Troubleshooting MESA IITroubleshootingCheck that the Editors and PlugIns that you want touse are in the "MESA Pouch" Folder, and this Fo

Page 60 - MESA II AppleScript

MESA II Troubleshooting 57Reinstall AppleScript.If you are running Mac OS v 7.5, you can rectifythis easily as it comes with a complete AppleScriptSe

Page 61

000420-2APCPrinted in Japan1-3, Hiranuma 1-chome, Nishi-ku,Yokohama, Japan

Page 62 - Troubleshooting

MESA II About MESA II 1About MESA IIModular Editing System by AKAIMESA II is the computer based software system that provides the centralized control

Page 63 - MESA II Troubleshooting 57

2 Getting Started MESA IIGetting StartedHow to install MESA IIDouble click MESA II Installer icon.Install program is booted, and MESA II will itself d

Page 64 - Printed in Japan

MESA II Getting Started 3* "Audio Filing" folder contains the AIFF plug and SD2 plug to translatebetween different Audio files;* "DSP&

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