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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - 9” Portable DVD player

9” Portable DVD playerALD1915HGB 2NL 26FR 50ES 74DA 146DE 98EL 122User manualGebruiksaanwijzingManuel de l’utilisateurManual de instruccionesGebr

Page 2 - Copyright notice

10 11ACVDS935T Slave unit4.2 272829302526212022242320 MODE button21 MUTE button22 VOL - button23 VOL + button24 LCD display25 ENTER button26 Ar

Page 3 - Safety1

10 11ACVDS935T 11ACVDS935T Remote control4.4 41434244455051525348464967666465636157565554586260594741 STEP button42 SEARCH button43 Digit buttons (

Page 4 - Preparations for use2

12Operation5. All functions of the unit are accessible using the remote control. All instructions refer to operation with the remote control, unless i

Page 5 - Installation3

13ACVDS935T DVD/CD functions● Switch on the units. Select the DVD mode.● To insert a disc: Press the OPEN button (1) to open the disc compartment.•

Page 6 - Support strap3.2

14DVD/CD functions5.3 After the disc has been loaded, the disc starts automatically● Press the arrow buttons (47) to select a menu item for DVDs.● P

Page 7 - Game pad3.4

15ACVDS935T i ● Normally, if an MP3 disc is loaded, the unit will take longer time to read the initial data.● A DVD that does not match the region c

Page 8 - Remote control3.5

16Using the ZOOM functionThis function can be used for zooming in and out on photos and DVDs. The available zoom ratios are: 2x, 3x, 4x, 1/2x, 1/3x,

Page 9 - Functions4

17ACVDS935T Game functions5.4 After having connected the game pad, a menu screen appears on the display.● Select a game from the menu. Scroll up or d

Page 10 - Game pad4.3

18Audio setup pageDownmix● Select LT/RT to mix 5.1-channel audio into left channel and right channel.● Select STEREO to mix 5.1 channel audio into s

Page 11 - Remote control4.4

19ACVDS935T ● TV TYPE to set the colour system. The following settings are available: PAL, AUTO, NTSC.● AUDIO to set the audio language.● SUBTITLE

Page 12 - Operation5

2Table of contentsCopyright noticeDesign and specications are subject to change without notice.1. Safety ...

Page 13 - Game functions

20Cleaning and maintenance6. ! WARNING Before performing any cleaning or maintenance, switch off and unplug the appliance.● Clean the outside of t

Page 14 - DVD/CD functions5.3

21ACVDS935T Troubleshooting7. Trouble ActionNo sound or incomplete Check if the random equipment are switched on correctly.audio Check cables for

Page 15 - Using the PROGRAM function

22Picture distorted or noisy Disc may be damaged or dirty, clean the disc or try another disc. Check TV system setting (PAL/NTSC). Clean the d

Page 16 - Using the ZOOM function

23ACVDS935T Technical data8. DVD playerParameter ValueVoltage 9-12 VDCInput voltage 100 ~ 240 VAC / 50 ~ 60 Hz Power consumption < 18 WMax.

Page 17 - DVD setup menu operation5.5

24Remote controlParameter ValuePower consumption 2x 1.5 VBattery size CR2025Supported media formatsParameter ValueDisc types DVD / DVD+R(W) / DVD

Page 18 - Preference setup page

25ACVDS935T Disposal of used electrical 9. and electronic equipmentZThe meaning of the symbol on the material, its accessory or packaging indicates

Page 19 - Password setup page

3ACVDS935T Safety1. Intended use1.1 The LCD display with built-in DVD player plays lm and photos from DVD, USB and memory card. The game pad can be c

Page 20 - Cleaning and maintenance6

4General safety instructions1.3 ! WARNING Do not put force on the appliance. The appliance can fall and can cause serious injury.! CAUTION Do no

Page 21 - Troubleshooting7

5ACVDS935T Package contents2.2 The following items are included in the received package:1 LCD display with built-in DVD player (master unit)1 LCD di

Page 22 - Remote control (RC)

6 7ACVDS935T 6 7ACVDS935T Connecting the units3.1 ● Connect the adaptor plugs of the connection cable to the DC OUT 9-12 V connection and to the AV O

Page 23 - Technical data8

6 7ACVDS935T 6 7ACVDS935T Connecting to a power source3.3 Connecting to a car batteryFor this connection the 12 VDC adaptor + cable has to be used.●

Page 24 - Working environment

88 9ACVDS935T Remote control3.5 21Installing the batteries● Press the catch and at the same time pull out the battery tray.● Insert 1 lithium batter

Page 25 - and electronic equipment

8 9ACVDS935T Functions4. Master unit4.1 4567893132 11011121415161719181 OPEN button2 SD/MS/MMC card slot3 USB slot4 COAXIAL output5 Headphone jac

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