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Safety Precaution
Technical Specifications
Block Diagram
Circuit Diagram
Basic Operations & Circuit Description
Main IC Specifications
Product Specification of PDP Module
Trouble Shooting Manual of PDP Module
Spare Part List
Exploded View
If you forget your V-Chip Password
Software Upgrade
This manual is the latest at the time of printing, and does not
include the modification which may be made after the printing,
by the constant improvement of product.
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Summary of Contents


PDPModel:SERVICE MANUALSafety PrecautionTechnical SpecificationsBlock DiagramCircuit DiagramBasic Operations & Circuit DescriptionMain IC Speci

Page 2 - Safety Precaution

Technical Specifications PDP4206EM CONTINUATION PAGE NUMBER 7 OF 9 PAGES 12. Supportthe Signal Mode The PDP can support the di


No. Pin name1 No connection2 RXD (Receive data)3 TXD (Transmit data)4 DTR (DTE side ready)5 GND6 DSR (DCE side ready)7 RTS (Ready to send)8 CTS (Cle

Page 4

Software upgrade Process - Power Switch OFF. - Connect the RS-232 jack of the computer to the RS-232 jack on the plasma back panel.RS-232C connect

Page 5

- Power Switch ON. The power indicator on the front of the panel should now display red, that thePlasma is in standby mode. - Copy the software (Fl

Page 6

- Press STANDBY button on the front panel or POWER button of Remote control, Power indicator isgreen, the Plasma is in power ON mode, software start

Page 7

Technical Specifications PDP4206EM CONTINUATION PAGE NUMBER 8 OF 9 PAGES 13. Remote Function+ Sleep Mute

Page 8


Page 9

Product Specification of PDP ModuleColor Plasma Display Panel852 X 480 pixelsAddress DriverScan DriverCommon sustain driverDisplay data, Driver timing

Page 11

Circuit Diagram - Power supply board of PDP Module, DGP-420WXGA - Power supply board of PDP Module, USP490M-42LP - Main (Video) board - Audio/Tune

Page 12

5544332211D DC CB BA A18 15164151323717911 1221 81920DHIC_MICOM6REVISION HISTORYNO1변경전변경후일자/사유2004/07/28 FEP30JPPH967C6<D<m1R61212KFR411 330FR41

Page 14

5544332211D DC CB BA ATOP cPW171-LGPDPB112Thursday, December 09, 2004TitleSize File RevDate: Sheetof上海家影多媒体技术有限公司 Shanghai Jiaying Multimedia Technolo

Page 15 - Circuit Diagram


Page 16 - HIC_MICOM

Safety PrecautionPRECAUTIONS DURINGSERVICING1. In addition to safety, other parts andassemblies are specified for conformance withsuch regulations as

Page 17 - USP490M-42LP

5544332211D DC CB BA ADVI INPUT CPW171-LGPDPB312Thursday, December 09, 2004TitleSize File RevDate: Sheetof上海家影多媒体技术有限公司 Shanghai Jiaying Multimedia Te

Page 18

5544332211D DC CB BA AFLASH CPW171-LGPDPB712Thursday, December 09, 2004TitleSize File RevDate: Sheetof上海家影多媒体技术有限公司 Shanghai Jiaying Multimedia Techno

Page 19

5544332211D DC CB BA AINPUT CPW171-LGPDPCustom212Thursday, December 09, 2004TitleSize File RevDate: Sheetof上海家影多媒体技术有限公司 Shanghai Jiaying Multimedia T

Page 20

5544332211D DC CB BA ALVDS OUTPUT CPW171-LGPDPB12 12Thursday, December 09, 2004TitleSize File RevDate: Sheetof上海家影多媒体技术有限公司 Shanghai Jiaying Multimedi

Page 21

5544332211D DC CB BA ARemove for ProductionCLOCK GENERATORLEDFROM PDPMISC CPW171-LGPDPB10 12Thursday, December 09, 2004TitleSize File RevDate: Sheetof

Page 22

5544332211D DC CB BA ADEINTERLACE CPW171-LGPDPC612Thursday, December 09, 2004TitleSize File RevDate: Sheetof上海家影多媒体技术有限公司 Shanghai Jiaying Multimedia

Page 23

5544332211D DC CB BA APOWER CPW171-LGPDPA11 12Thursday, December 09, 2004TitleSize File RevDate: Sheetof上海家影多媒体技术有限公司 Shanghai Jiaying Multimedia Tech

Page 24 - Remove for Production

5544332211D DC CB BA APW171 CPW171-LGPDPB812Thursday, December 09, 2004TitleSize File RevDate: Sheetof上海家影多媒体技术有限公司 Shanghai Jiaying Multimedia Techno

Page 25

5544332211D DC CB BA ATMDS OUTPUT CPW171-LGPDPCustom912Thursday, December 09, 2004TitleSize File RevDate: Sheetof上海家影多媒体技术有限公司 Shanghai Jiaying Multim

Page 26

5544332211D DC CB BA AVIDEO INPUT CPW171-LGPDPCustom512Thursday, December 09, 2004TitleSize File RevDate: Sheetof上海家影多媒体技术有限公司 Shanghai Jiaying Multim

Page 27 - Graphics Port

PRODUCT SAFETY NOTICEMany electrical and mechanical parts in thisapparatus have special safety-relatedcharacteristics.These characteristics are offer

Page 28


Page 29

Audio/Tuner"U3(UVS7305M.FH)only for the Model with Turner"

Page 30


Page 31 - Audio/Tuner

Audio/Tuner "U8(TDA9850) only for the Model with Turner"

Page 32

KeypadRemote control receiverExternal L/R Speakers

Page 33

Remote control

Page 34 - External L/R Speakers

Basic Operations & Circuit DescriptionMODULE There are 1 pc. panel and 8 pc.s PCB including 2 pc.s Y/Z Sustainer board, 2 pc.s Y Driveboard, 2 pc

Page 35 - Remote control

Parts positionPower SWInternal Speaker (Right) Power SupplyInternal Speaker (Left)Z-Sustainer Y-SustainerExternal Speaker TerminalsTuner/AudioEMI filt

Page 36

PCB function1. Power:(1). Input voltage: AC 110V~240V, 47Hz~63Hz.Input range: AC 90V(Min)~265V(Max) auto regulation.(2). To provide power for PCBs.2.

Page 37 - Parts position

PCB failure analysis1. CONTROL: a. Abnormal noise on screen. b. No picture.2. MAIN (VIDEO): a. Lacking color, Bad color scale.b. No voice.c. No pic

Page 38 - PCB function


Page 39 - PCB failure analysis

Basic operation of Plasma Display1. After turning on power switch, power board sends 5Vst-by Volt to Micro ProcessorIC waiting for ON signals from Key

Page 40

Main IC Specifications - PW171 Image Processor - AD9883A 110MSPS/140MSPS Analog Interface for Flat Panel Displays - NV320 Video Enhancement Process

Page 41 - Main IC Specifications

PreliminaryGeneral DescriptionPW171 is a highly integrated “system-on-a-chip” that interfaces analog, digital, and video inputs in virtually any forma

Page 42 - Preliminary

REV. AInformation furnished by Analog Devices is believed to be accurate andreliable. However, no responsibility is assumed by Analog Devices for itsu

Page 43 - for Flat Panel Displays

nDSP Corporation NV320 Data SheetNV320 Video Enhancement Processor1.0 IntroductionThe NV320 is a single-chip, programmable video display processor pr

Page 44

nDSP Corporation NV320 Data Sheet•Internet televisions•Home theater and multimedia televisions•Video conferencing 2.0 Ordering Information3.0 Block

Page 45

VPC 323xD Comb Filter Video Processor1. IntroductionThe VPC 323xD is a high-quality, single-chip video front-end, which is targeted for 4:3 and16:9. 5

Page 46 - 1. Introduction

SiI 161B PanelLink® Receiver August 2002 Data Sheet General Description Features The SiI 161B receiver uses PanelLink Digital tech

Page 47 - Data Sheet

<• Complete Stand-Alone Line 21 Decoder for Closed-Captioned and Extended Data Services (XDS)• Preprogrammed to Provide Full Compliance withEI

Page 48 - <

I2C-bus controlled BTSC stereo/SAP decoder TDA9850FEATURES - Quasi alignment-free application due to automatic adjustment of channel separation viaI2


Technical Specifications PDP420 CONTINUATION PAGE NUMBER 2 OF 9 PAGES 1. Standard Test Conditions All tests shall be perf

Page 50

Product Specification of PDP Module0. Warnings and Cautions9 WARNING indicates hazards that may lead to death or injury if ignored.9 CAUTION indicates

Page 51 -  General

Product Specification of PDP ModuleCAUTION General1) Do not place this product in a location that is subject to heavy vibration, or on an unstable su

Page 52 -  Repair and Maintenance

Product Specification of PDP Module USE1) Because this product uses a high voltage, connecting or disconnecting the connectors while power is supplie


Product Specification of PDP Module1. GENERAL DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTIONThe PDP42V6#### is a 42-inch 16:9 color plasma display module with resolution of


Product Specification of PDP Module ELECTRICAL INTERFACE OF PLASMA DISPLAYThe PDP42V6#### requires only 8bits of digital video signals for each RGB c

Page 55 -  Power Input Connector

Product Specification of PDP Module7. CONNECTORS and CONNECTIONS Power Input ConnectorPin No. Symbol1234VsVsncGNDPin No. Symbol5678GNDVaGND+5V¾ Conne

Page 56 - Pin Assignment

Product Specification of Power Supply Unit8. Input/Output pin assignment & specification¨Pin Assignment1 28 7 6 5 4 3 2 110 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2

Page 57 - 9. Adjustment detail

Product Specification of Power Supply Unit9. Adjustment detail¨Adjustment detail8 7 6 5 4 3 2 112345678912345678910111212341234567CN807CN804CN803CN802

Page 58 -  LABEL Sticking Position

Product Specification of PDP ModuleY-SUSE/X TubeX rightⓐⓑ ⓒ ⓓCONTROLLERSignal Input(R,G,B,H/Vsync.)X leftZ-SUS3211QKE008AConer PlateP/N(carved)ⓕⓔⓖ8. L

Page 59 - - Trouble shooting

Trouble Shooting Manual of PDP Module - Introduction - Precautions - Basic - Trouble shooting

Page 60


Page 61


Page 62

DefinitionsExhaust holelong 1long 2short 1short 2COF long2-1••••••••COF long 2-7 Definition of MODULE position6####2004.02402K242V6000266.ASLGA Identi

Page 63

Vsc-VyVsetup Voltage label (Attached on back side of module) Part No. label (Attached on board) COF serial No. label (attached on COF)1. Introduction

Page 64 - 2. Precaution

8/40 Terms of defectAdd short (line on)Sus open (line off)Sus short (line on)Add open (line off)AppearanceTerm1. Introduction

Page 65

9/401. Before repairing there must be a preparation for 10 min. 2. Do not impress a voltage that higher than represented on the product. 3. Since PDP

Page 66 - 1. X B/D

SCRATCHING TEARING BEING PUSHEDBENDING CHOPING2. PrecautionCOF is the most important component in the PDP module.Even a little imperfection of COF can

Page 67 - 2. Z sustain B/D

X LEFT B/D X LEFT B/D X RIGHT B/D X RIGHT B/D 3. Basic1. X B/D<COF Separating>: receiving LOGIC signal from CONTROL B/D and make ADDRESSPULSE(g

Page 68 - 3. Y drive B/D

12/40: make SUSTAIN PULSE and ERASE PULSE that generates SUSTAIN discharge in panel by receiving LOGIC signal fromCONTROL B/D.this waveform is supplie

Page 69 - 4. Y sustain B/D

13/401) This is a path to supply SUSTAIN ,RESET waveform which madefrom Y SUSTAIN B/D to panel through SCAN DRIVER IC.2) Supply a wave form that selec

Page 70 - 6. DC/DC Converter part

14/40: generates SUSTAIN,RESET waveform, Vsc(SCAN)voltage.and supplies it Y DRIVER B/D.* Composed with IPM,DIODE, electrolytic capacitor ,FET.: create

Page 71 - 8. FFC (Flat Flexible Cable)

Technical Specifications PDP4206EM CONTINUATION PAGE NUMBER 4 OF 9 PAGES 4.2 Audio input Audio I/P(L/Rx5) : 1 for DVI

Page 72 - 9. COF (Chip On Film)

15/40: Being impressed 5V, Va ,Vs, DC/DC converter makes5V,Va,Vs,Vset_up,Vsc which is essential for each B/D.There is no DC/DC B/D in model 40 〞/42 〞

Page 73

16/40: supply a driving waveform to PANEL by connecting a PAD electrode of PANEL with PCB(Y and Z).* there is two type of this for Y B/D. One is singl

Page 74 - 4. Trouble shooting

: supply a waveform which made from X B/D to panel and selecta output pin that is controlled by COF when be on or off.96 output pin per IC.─the more t

Page 75

18/40: compositionHEATSINK,CAPACITORDIODEIC LINEARRESISTORTANSISTOR,FETS.: descriptionAttached at Z B/D and Y B/D, make Sustain waveform.Sustainer :

Page 76 - 1. Connector

19/404. Trouble shooting.what kind of defect?Fast check upHorizontal defect?vertical defect?Mis –dischargeon screen?No display?defectCheck model No. o

Page 77 - 2. Exhaust tip Crack

20/40what kind of defect?4. Trouble shooting.Horizontal defect?vertical defect?Mis –dischargeon screen?No display?Logical judgmentWhat kind of defect

Page 78 - 3. PSU(Power Supply Unit)

21/40Confirm every Connector (PSU, Y-SUS, CTRL, Z-SUS)⇒ module may not be normal by mis-connection which can not send signal and power.Also Mis connec

Page 79 - 4. Ctrl B/D

22/40Confirm exhausting Tip and find Crack with naked eyes to check vacuum state.If there is problem replace the module .⇒ in case of vacuum breakdown

Page 80 - 5. Y-sus B/D

1. Check each unit part of PSU inside with naked eyes.(capacitor, FET, a kind of IC, resistor) 2. Check FUSE and SW1 (on Normal).3. Check Output volta

Page 81

1. Confirm LED D17(flashing) ,13 lighting2. If not CHECK OSC X1 output.3. Check CTRL input voltage(CONNECTOR P300)4. CHECK 3.3V, 5V,15V.5. Check IC 1

Page 82 - 6. Z-sus B/D

Technical Specifications PDP4206EM CONTINUATION PAGE NUMBER 5 OF 9 PAGES 6.11 Color temperature : Contrast at center (50);

Page 83

25/405. Y-sus B/D1. Check FUSE [FS1(5v) ,FS2(Vs)].2. Check voltages(Vsetup,-Vy, Vscw)3. Check DIODE between GND and Y SUS output.[SUSUP(OC2) SUSDN(OC1

Page 84 - Power protection

Normal diode value = OL (reverse)Normal diode value= 0.4 (forward) Check whether output voltages agrees with voltage that represented in label.4. Trou

Page 85 - 2. Checking COF

6. Z-sus B/DVa FUSE 6.3A Vs FUSE 2A or 4A5V FUSE1. Check the FUSE.2. Check input voltages.(Va, 5V,15V)3. Check FPC out put diode value.4. Check ramp

Page 86

caution: check certainly after removing FPC.Normal diode value=OVER LOAD(reverse) Check FPC output diode value.Normal diode value=0.375(forward) Varia

Page 87

29/404. Trouble shooting.◎Power protectionIt is power protection when power is off automatically within 2~3 min. from power on.Power protection funct

Page 88 - 3. Ctrl B/D

30/404. Trouble shooting.Vertical defect (bar)1. ConnectorCheck COF connector.If not connected well,it will Make a bar defect .BarCheck here2. Check

Page 89 - 1 line open or short

31/40◎Checking address COF input of resistor and IC4. Trouble shooting. COF resistor checkingCheck the both side of resistor With Digital multi meter

Page 90

DMM( + terminal)DMM(- terminal)DMM (- terminal)`DMM (+ terminal) IC input checkingInside of IC , there is 4 ea diodes which separated in 2 series . (i

Page 91

Buffer ICMCMCOF IC1 COF IC2 COF IC3 COF IC4각각 16 lineArray저항96 outputA flow of address signalIn this figure, we can easily suppose what will be appear

Page 92 - 2. Scan IC check

Vertical defect (line)This phenomenon is due to COF IC inside short or adherence part of the Film and rear panel electrode problem. In this case, re

Page 93 - 2. Check scan IC

Technical Specifications PDP4294LV1 CONTINUATION PAGE NUMBER 6 OF 9 PAGES 9. Agency Approvals Safety U

Page 94 - How to check IPM

/40• Case 1: Buffer IC failCOF IC 1,2 ⇒192 line(96+96) open.COF IC 3,4 ⇒64 line open (with fixed interval there is on,off ……. Repetition)• case 2 : Ar

Page 95

Horizontal (bar)4. Trouble shooting.1. ConnectorIt can make a horizontal bar that connector on Y b/d and Z b/d did not plugged well. Because sustain v

Page 96

37/40Normal diode value. (in case of Panasonic IC=1.035)* It can be different from each IC Maker. (in case of TI IC= 0.6~0.7)Defect diode value= 0.018

Page 97

38/404. Trouble shooting.Horizontal (line)1. Check FPCIn case of horizontal 1 or more line, it is due to FPC or panel inside .ctrl b/d, Y b/d is just

Page 98 - Exploded View

40/40Forward : test 1 GND(+) , Sus-out(-) 2 Sus-out(+),Vs(-)3 ER-DN(-),ER-COM(+)4 ER-COM(-),ER-UP(+) when each 4 TEST Diode value is over 0.4V

Page 99

BOM Summry Report with Cost ( Report For PDP4206EM ) QuantityItem Component Description/Country OriginUnitSummary一. ElEC Parts1 E3403-004001 TUBE

Page 100 - Software upgrade

26 423-42D122-01 FILTER SUPPORT L&R 42D1 PCS 227 423-42SD21-01S FILTER SUPPORT BOTTOM 42SD PCS 128 430-42D101-01 HEATSINK FOR AUDIO IC 42D1 PCS

Page 101 - Software upgrade Process

4 510-42D104-01K GIFT BOX AKAI 1154(W)X320(D)X1032(H) PCS 15 511-42D101-01K CARTON BOX FOR BTM 42D1 PCS 1四. ACCESSORY1 511-42D102-01A ACCESSORY BO

Page 103

56 614-400412-00 SCREW 4x12 155 615-400412-00 SCREW 4x14 154 423-42D10C-01 SUPPORT FOR PW BKT 153 423-42D108-01 PATCH FOR SHIELD BOX 152 367-42D102-

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