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This manual is written only about the function added by JJ OS.
Please refer to the manual of AKAI for the basic function of MPC.
When you change OS, please switch on a power supply, pressing the ERASE button first.
Please press the ERASE button until a main screen is displayed.
If this operation is not performed, MPC may freeze or it may crash.
When the reaction of a DATA wheel is slow or cannot change the value of one step, please change the set of the
"Data Wheel Type" field of OTHER.
Usually, MPC in which Ver2.12 or less AKAI OS was installed selects 1.
MPC in which Ver2.13 was installed selects 2.
If OS is changed, this set will return to default setting"2".
Refer to video of user offer.
Please be sure to carry out contrast adjustment of LCD, and sensitivity adjustment of PAD first.
The contrast of LCD should turn a DATA wheel, pressing the [STOP] button.
Moreover, if a DATA wheel is turned pressing [SHIFT] or the [TAP TEMPO] button,
change of a value will increase 10 times.
When [FULL LEVEL] button is ON (the LED is lit), the velocity of MIDI IN NOTE is also set to FULL
NOTE REPEAT does not work to MIDI keyboard.
The data of 16 LEVELS of AKAI OS, OS1, and OS2 is not reflected.
Moreover, 16 levels made with OS2XL do not work in AKAI OS, OS1, and OS2
An audio track is skipped when a track is changed during the recording of a sequence.
The type of a track cannot be changed during playback or recording. (Also in a grid, it is the same)
Adjustment of pads sensitivity
Name edit
Splash screens
Main screen
Basic operation in a main screen
Relation between a pad number and a note number
Simult sequence
Output Midi Program Change
Setting of pads to midi out NOTE/ CC
Q-link of a main screen
MPC1000 JJ OS2XL Manual http://www7a.biglobe.ne.jp/~mpc1000/os2xl/manual.ht
1 sur 4 25/07/2011 16:01
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Summary of Contents

Page 1

This manual is written only about the function added by JJ OS.Please refer to the manual of AKAI for the basic function of MPC.When you change OS, pl

Page 2

NAME EDIT http://www7a.biglobe.ne.jp/~mpc1000/os2xl/nameedit.htm3 sur 3 25/07/2011 16:03

Page 3

SPLASH SCREENS If the BMP file of the following conditions is in the ROOT of CF card or HDD,the bmp picture will be displayed at the time of MPC start

Page 4

Main ScreenTrack number field The number of the active track is displayed.Track name field The name of the active track is displayed.Track type field

Page 5

IndicatorWhen MIDI CLOCK is transmitted, "OUT : CLK" and an output port are displayed on the right side indicator field.When MIDI CLOCK is r

Page 6

Please refer to a "Multi timbre" for a multi timbre.Indicator http://www7a.biglobe.ne.jp/~mpc1000/os2xl/main2.htm2 sur 2 25/07/2011 16:11

Page 7

Basic operation in a main screenThe contrast of a screen can turn and adjust a DATA wheel, pressing the [STOP] button.Please close the window without

Page 8

Relation between a PAD number and a note number Relation between a PAD number and a note number http://www7a.biglobe.ne.jp/~mpc1000/os2xl/pad_to_note.

Page 9

Main GridIf the [OVER DUB] button is ON (the LED is lit) when cursor is in a grid, it will become the edit mode of a grid.All the pads (A01-D16) of th

Page 10

Simult Sequence Two sequences can be played simultaneously.NotesThe sequence chosen by "SS" continues sounding, even if F6 (SOLO) button is

Page 11

Output Midi Program Change There are the two methods of outputting a program change.1. It records in STEP EDIT mode as a sequence event.In this case,

Page 12

Real Time Pitch ShiftAudio trackChordArpeggiatorLoop setting of a sequenceWait for keySequence ListTrack ListProgram ListSample ListRearranging the se

Page 13

Pad to midi out NOTE/CC Setting of the MIDI note outputted when the pad is hit.If cursor is moved to the MIDI field and it select except OFF, a note w

Page 14

When the "Pad to MIDI out CC" window is open, if F4(CLOSE) button is pressed, it will become control change output mode. When On/Off (On=127

Page 15

Q-Link (Main) A setup of Q-Link can be performed on a main screen.If the [WINDOW] button is pressed when cursor is in the Q-Link field, the window of

Page 16

TYPE:The parameter controlled with a slider is chosen.MIDI-CC outputs a control change.CHANGE:Selection of NOTE ON or REAL TIMEThe parameters which us

Page 17

Please refer to "Non-Destructive Chop" for this Chop.Q-Link (Main) http://www7a.biglobe.ne.jp/~mpc1000/os2xl/main_qlink.htm3 sur 3 25/07/201

Page 18

Real Time Pitch Shift A pitch shift can be performed on real time. (+/ - 1 octave ) Please press F5 (P. SHIFT) button, pressing the [SHIFT] button on

Page 19

Audio track If a type is chosen as "AUDIO" in the track type field, the track can be used as an audio track. (A maximum of 32 tracks, MONO)

Page 20

Q-Link does not work in an audio track.Q1 of an audio track and Q2 are not Q-link, and they only mean a slider.Moreover, a slider does not work during

Page 21

PAD LOCATEArbitrary locations are memorizable to PAD. (PAD7-PAD16)Please move a marker to the location to memorize, and press [SHIFT] + PAD.If [SHIFT

Page 22

Change of a track cannot be performed, either.AUDIO TRACK http://www7a.biglobe.ne.jp/~mpc1000/os2xl/audiotrack2.htm2 sur 2 25/07/2011 16:13

Page 23

PITCHLFOMUTE / Simult PadOUT FX[INST Program]SAMPLEAMPFILTERPITCH / PortamentoLFOOUT FX The value of the parameter of an effect is controllable by a M

Page 24

Chord If CHORD is chosen in the type field, it will become an input mode of a chord.The code currently assigned to the pad hit when the pad was hit is

Page 25

If F5 (CHORD) button is pressed, the window of "Chord List" will open.A new chord can be created by setting up the field of 2-6.Moreover, th

Page 26

Arpeggiator It will become the mode of arpeggiator if ARPGITR is chosen in the type field.The pressed pad or keyboard is repeatedly performed, while b

Page 27

Loop setting of a sequenceA loop will be set to ON if a DATA wheel is turned to the right in the Loop field.A loop will be set to OFF if a jog is turn

Page 28

A sequence is played.A loop is turned on while the bar 6 is playing.The current bar (bar 6) is automatically set to a first bar and last bar fields. S

Page 29

Wait for key Recording can be started by hit pad or the receive of MIDI note.If [REC] or the [OVER DUB]+[STOP] button is pressed, it will be in the st

Page 30

Sequence ListIf the [WINDOW] button is pressed when cursor is in the sequence field, the window of "Sequence list" will open.Please refer to

Page 31

Sequence List http://www7a.biglobe.ne.jp/~mpc1000/os2xl/seq_list.htm2 sur 2 25/07/2011 16:15

Page 32

Track ListPlease refer to a "Mide Program Change" for an output program change number.If F2(DELETE) button is pressed, the window of "D

Page 33

If F5(COPY) button is pressed, the window of "Copy Track" will open.Please select a track to copy in upper Tr field.Please select the track

Page 34

The value of FULL LEVEL can be adjusted.Hold (Step Edit)Strength (Timing Correct)Function of tap tempo is assigned to a pad How to updateMPC1000 JJ OS

Page 35

Program ListIf F2(DELETE) button is pressed, the window of "Delete Program" will open.If F3 (ALL PG) button is pressed, all the programs wil

Page 36

Insertion of a program change number can be performed by step edit.Please press F5 (INSERT) button in the location which inserts a program change by s

Page 37

Sample List It is always rearranged and displayed in alphabetic order.An asterisk is displayed on the sample to which edit or change was added.If F4 (

Page 38

If F5 (DO IT) button is pressed, an unused sample can be deleted by all the programs.If F2 (DELETE) button is pressed, the window of "Delete Samp

Page 39

It will become the edit mode of a name. Sample List http://www7a.biglobe.ne.jp/~mpc1000/os2xl/sample_list.htm3 sur 3 25/07/2011 16:17

Page 41

1. About the relation between a PAD number and a sequence note number.At AKAI OS, JJ-OS-Ver3.12, JJ-OS1, and JJ-OS2, the note number of a PAD number p

Page 42

Sample layer 4AMP Velocity =>AttackAMP Velocity =>STARTPITCH Velocity =>PitchFilter TimeFilter AmountFilter Velocity =>TimeFilter Velocity

Page 43

Adjustment of Pads Sensitivity If F4 (PAD) button is pressed on the screen of [MODE]+PAD10 (OTHER), it will become the mode which adjusts the sensitiv

Page 44

Name Edit If a DATA wheel is turned in the name field or F3 (RENAME) button is pressed in the window of a sample list, it is the edit mode of a name.I

Page 45

(A figure is a state which leftmost "S" is blinking.)If the cursor button is pressed, pressing the [SHIFT] button, blink cursor will be mo

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