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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Portable DVD-speler

Portable DVD-speler ALD1915HGB 2NL 24FR 46User manualGebruiksaanwijzingManuel de l’utilisateurBrugsanvisningACVDS737TGDA 68

Page 2 - Copyright notice

10Remote control4.4 32 STEP button33 SEARCH button34 Digit buttons (0-10+)35 SUBTITLE button36 ANGLE button37 TITLE button38 Arrow buttons39 E

Page 3 - Safety1

11ACVDS737TGOperation5. All functions of the unit are accessible using the remote control. All instructions refer to operation with the remote contro

Page 4 - Preparations for use2

12DVD/CD functions● Switch on the units. Select the DVD mode.● To insert a disc: Press the OPEN button (1) to open the disc compartment.• Insert th

Page 5 - Installation3

13ACVDS737TGDuring playback, the following functions are available:● To select a chapter (DVD) or track (CD), press the digit buttons (34).● To sele

Page 6 - Game pad3.3

14● The screen saver becomes active if no disc has been loaded for 3 minutes, or if the unit has been in STOP mode for 3 minutes.Using the SEARCH fun

Page 7 - Remote control3.4

15ACVDS737TG● Press the ENTER button (39) to enter the selected folder or le.● Press the PROGRAM button (43) to switch between folders and les. Pr

Page 8 - Functions4

16DVD setup menu operation5.5 i This menu only works in DVD mode.To change the initial settingsThe following actions have to be carried out with the

Page 9 - Game pad4.3

17ACVDS737TGDigital output● Select SPDIF OFF to switch off the digital audio signal output.● Select SPDIF RAW to set the digital audio signal output

Page 10 - Remote control4.4

18● PARENTAL to set a rating for movies played by the unit. Movies rated higher than the level set for the parental lock can not be viewed. This func

Page 11 - Operation5

19ACVDS737TGCleaning and maintenance6. ! WARNING Before performing any cleaning or maintenance, switch off and unplug the appliance.● Clean the ou

Page 12 - DVD/CD functions5.3

Table of contentsCopyright noticeDesign and specications are subject to change without notice.1. Safety ...

Page 13

20Troubleshooting7. Trouble ActionNo sound or Check if the random equipment are switched on and set incomplete audio correctly. Check cables for

Page 14 - Using the ZOOM function

21ACVDS737TGPicture distorted or noisy Disc may be damaged or dirty, clean the disc or try another disc. Check TV system setting (PAL/NTSC). Clean

Page 15 - Game functions5.4

22Technical data8. DVD playerParameter ValueVoltage 9-12 VDCInput voltage 100 ~ 240 VAC / 50 ~ 60 Hz Power consumption < 15 WMax. power output

Page 16 - DVD setup menu operation5.5

23ACVDS737TGSupported media formatsParameter ValueDisc types DVD / DVD+R(W) / DVD-R(W) / (S)VCD / CD / CD-R(W)Picture formats JPEG / Kodak Picture

Page 17 - Preference setup page

3ACVDS737TGSafety1. Intended use1.1 The LCD display with built-in DVD player plays lm and photos from DVD, USB and memory card. The game pad can be c

Page 18 - Password setup page

4General safety instructions1.3 ! WARNING Do not put force on the appliance. The appliance can fall and can cause serious injury.! CAUTION Do no

Page 19 - Cleaning and maintenance6

5ACVDS737TGPackage contents2.2 The following items are included in the received package:1 LCD display with built-in DVD player (master unit)1 LCD di

Page 20 - Troubleshooting7

6Connecting to a power source3.2 Connecting to a car batteryFor this connection the 12 VDC adaptor + cable has to be used.● Connect the adaptor plug

Page 21 - Remote control (RC)

7ACVDS737TGRemote control3.4 Installing the battery● Press the catch and at the same time pull out the battery tray.● Insert 1 lithium battery, type

Page 22 - Technical data8

8Functions4. Master unit4.1 34567891210 11 12 131 OPEN button2 SD/MS/MMC card slot3 Master power switch4 Headphone jack5 AV OUT connection6 COAX

Page 23 - Working environment

9ACVDS737TGSlave unit4.2 151416212019181714 Arrow buttons15 MODE button16 LCD display17 Volume dial18 DC IN 9-12 V connection19 AV IN connection

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