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DPS24 Quick Start Guide and Sean's tips & tricks
This document is a combined effort by current DPS users and was graciously put together for those who
are new to the unit. It won't tell you everything, but it will help guide you through the basic steps to start
laying tracks and is meant as a supplement to the Akai manual.
** This document was not originated, approved, copywritten, or supervised by anyone from Akai**
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Summary of Contents

Page 1

DPS24 Quick Start Guide and Sean's tips & tricks This document is a combined effort by current DPS users and was graciously put together for

Page 2 - DPS24 “Quick Start” Guide

********** Levels jumping with no input? Mixer>Input Channel> I'm simply looking at the input channel screen in the mixer. Whether I select

Page 3 - Down to Basics

* SMPTE Master or Slave (with the IB-24LTC option) 2) synchronize my Ensoniq ZR76 to the DPS Similar to above, set the DPS24 Time Sync parameter (in

Page 4 - Taking the Buss (group)

The "STUDIO>CR" key switches the Cue mix (Sends 3/4) to the Control Room outputs (MAIN/NEAR). This way you can adjust the talent's c

Page 5 - Transport

Aksys – Installation / update procedures (as-of DPS V1.50 and Aksys V1.10) From the International Download Center: www.akaipro.co.jp/global/...oadfs.h

Page 6 - Playback

If you had opened the Device Manager and System Properties windows, close them. 5) To install Aksys, double-click on the "setup.exe" file

Page 7 - Shutting Down

Shutting down the DPS24 – Important The safest way to shut the DPS off is to just shut it off (unlike a computer). The following should be noted: 1

Page 8

* MX MIDI Out to DPS24 MIDI In, MX as MMC Slave, MTC Master This will take care of the transport/counter synchronization. However, the DPS24 will not

Page 9

Also, the total length of the Project from Start to End (if Region is set to ALL) or the length between In and Out points (if Region is set to IN<&

Page 10 - Kurzweil k260

* PRE-FADER: the meter shows the level of signal at the input of the channel, before the fader but after the EQ/DYN section. (2) * POST-FADER: the met

Page 11 - Studio>CR Button Function

********** Assigning FX - Can’t hear FX – Why? I'm having trouble with adding effects. I think I've gotten the "send" piece corre

Page 12 - Metronome – Misc. facts

DPS24 “Quick Start” Guide Introduction OK so you did your research, spent your money and brought home a brand new DPS24. You’re really excited about

Page 13

One thing Normalize does is reduce dynamic range (the difference between the loudest and quietest passages on a track), if you prefer your music to be

Page 14 - Custom Covers For the DPS24

AHA!!!...it's only got 4 FX!!! Yep, it's got 4 stereo FX (including pitch correction) standard and they're beauties. You don't hav

Page 15 - 2) MIDI connections

1) In Track-at-Once mode: You can burn the songs to CD in any order, either from a single Project containing multiple songs or from multiple Projects

Page 16 - Disk At Once Functions

Down to Basics • *Open New Project and name it (if you wish) • *Connect Instrument or Mic Cable to Appropriate Input • *Select Mic/Line for input

Page 17 - Where is 0dB on the fader?

The next step is to get your AUDIO DATA (remember it is now data) a little further into the system in preparation for actually recording it. Keeping y

Page 18 - Deleting Automation Data

“select” button above input 1 and it will glow steadily indicating that input 1 has been “selected” to the buss/group 3-4 out. The next step is to rai

Page 19 - Normalizing Considerations

reverse buttons are self-explanatory. Since we are not really moving tape to record, there are some neat tricks the transport buttons can perform to s

Page 20

Shutting Down *Power down unit…yes, it can be as simple as that *Alternate: Press mix/scene “store” button, save to scene “00”, wait for icon to disa

Page 21 - Creating Audio CD

SCSI hard drive (or a removable IDE HD in place of the CD-RW drive). All you need to know is if their system supports BWAV (timestamps). If not, you w

Page 22 - Aksys – What is it?

come into play here?) Also if I invest in the Tascam to Lightpipe converter will this allow 24 bit transfers from my Tascam DA78 to the Deeps? Yes, S

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