Akai ATW2810PF Operations Instructions

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Summary of Contents


COLOUR TELEVISIONSTELEVISEUR COULEURSKLEURENTELEVIEOperating InstructionsManuel de L’utilisateurGebruiksaanwijzing

Page 2 - List of contents

9Tuning with channel numbersEnter the SETUP menu by pressingthe blue button.Press the OK button to enter theCHANNEL row.Use the OK button to select“S”

Page 3 - Special features

10Program TableOnce you have tuned in all the channels youwant, you can change their programmenumber, if required, and name them.select PROGRAM TABLE

Page 4 - Safety instructions

11VolumeSets default volume using the Volume upand down buttons.To save your settings, selectSTOREand press the OK button.will be displayed. Press the

Page 5 - Getting started

12Sound modeYou can select NORMAL, SPATIAL orDOLBY VIRTUAL (optional)using theVolume up/down buttons or mix button.SPATIAL sound is an ‘expanded stere

Page 6 - Control Unit

13In this menu are a series of preset equalizersettings for different types of sound output.There are five music settings - MUSIC,SPORTS, CINEMA, SPEE

Page 7 - Remote control

14Select BRIGHTNESS,CONTRAST, COLOUR andSHARPNESS using the Programup/down buttons.Change the settings with theVolume up/down buttons.To save your se

Page 8 - Using the TV

15Picture formatThis allows you to select the picture size oncorresponding to the scren type widescreenof your TV:Avaible formats for widesereen TV se

Page 9 - Tuning the television

16Teletext is an information system that displaystext on your TV screen. Using the teletextcontrol buttons you can view pages ofinformation that are

Page 10 - Please note:

17Page holdIf the page of text you have selectedcontains sub pages, these sub pageswill automatically be displayed inorder with a delay to allow you t

Page 11 - Program Table

18Connecting externalequipmentHeadphones (optional)The headphones must have an impedance ofbetween 8 and 32 ohms and have a 3.5 mmstereo jack plug.Plu

Page 12 - TV set up

1List of contentsSpecial featuresSafety instructionsGetting startedAerial connectionSwitching onBattery fittingControl unitFront and rear panelExterna

Page 13 - Program down button to access

19If you have an S-Video player you canconnect it to SCART socket 2via an adaptor from scart to S-Video/RCAaudio (not supplied).S-Video PlayerPlug a

Page 14

20Connecting a DVDplayerVia SCARTMake sure the TV and DVD player are bothswitched off.Plug one end of the SCART lead (notsupplied) into the back of t

Page 15

21Connecting a decoderVia SCARTMake sure the TV and decoder are bothswitched off.Plug one end of the SCART lead (notsupplied) into the back of the de

Page 16

22Connecting TV with camcorderConnecting TV games and computerRLVIDEOS-Video InS-Video camcorderCamcorderAV1/AV2/AV3AV 3(3 scart models only)RLVIDEOAV

Page 17 - Using Teletext

23Help and service tipsThe TV does not workMake sure it is plugged into the mains supplyand switched on.No sound• Is the sound muted? Press the Muteb

Page 18

24SFPFPlease note:: Superflat picture tube: Pureflat picture tubeUsing a subwoofer causes 20 W extra power consumption and supplies maximum 20 W extra

Page 19 - Connecting external

TelevisionThank you for buying this television which is designed to give you many years ofsatisfactory service.You may already be familiar with using

Page 20 - S-Video In

3Safety is ImportantYour safety and the safety of others is important. Please, therefore, ensure you readthe Safetyinstructionsbefore you operate thi

Page 21

Getting startedRemove your Television carefullyfrom the box. You may wish toYou can use an outdoor or indoor aerial.However, if you use an indoor aer

Page 22 - AUDIO OUT

Control UnitFront PanelProgram Down/Up buttonVolume Down/Up button.GeneralProgram ON/OFF switch Stand by (Depends on model)Stand by indicatorExternal

Page 23 - Camcorder

6External connections tableSTDOPT: Standart: OptionalPlease note:The Audio/Video RCA, S-Video and Headphone socket can be placed on the front panelor

Page 24 - Help and service tips

1-/--12OKOKTV/TXAVSWAPPPscreen.Using the TVMuteTo mute the sound press the Mutebutton on the remote control. Aloudspeaker symbol will appear onthe sc

Page 25

8In the Setup menu select PROGNO and change to P1 usingthe Program down button toselect it and the Volume upbutton to change it.Starting with Program

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