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Summary of Contents

Page 2 - Table of contents

10Electrical connection3.51109478BA562 31 Audio Video Input2 Audio Video Output3 Subwoofer Output (Blue)4 ISO Cable Connection5 Driver Safety wire (Br

Page 3 - Disclaimer

11ACAD100NISO A CONNECTORNOTEDepending on the manufacturer, the contacts on your vehicle connection may be assigned differently. This is not a defect

Page 4

121 EJECT button: Press to flip the front panel down and eject the disc. If the disc is not removed for about 10 seconds afte eject, the disc is rei

Page 5 - Safety2

13ACAD100N- [5-6]: Fast-forward/reverse buttons: use these buttons for fast forward (FF) or fast reverse (REW) search in a track.15 AMS button: In Rad

Page 6

147 Next/previous track buttons: In RADIO mode, press to search a previous or next station automatically, press and hold for two seconds to start sear

Page 7 - Installation3

15ACAD100NMain menu5.The best way to discover the program is to explore each screen in detail, and to find out how to move from one to another. Read t

Page 8 - Hardware installation3.2

16modeColor SettingRead/Play files in USB memoryPlay files from DiscRead/Play files in main SD card**Quit DVD PlayerExit this onscreen menu Press Pr

Page 9 - Remote control3.4

17ACAD100NDrive Warning5.6DVD Player will not display a DVD screen while vehicle is moving for driver’s safety. Only when the handbrake is on and the

Page 10 - Electrical connection3.5

18Radio player6.To start Radio, tap RADIO button on main menu screen.Button FunctionQuit RadioStart NavigationVoice guide over radio soundPress to sea


19ACAD100NAV-IN Mode7.To start AV-IN Mode, tap on AV-IN button from main menu screen.Button FunctionNA VIStart NavigationNavigation Voice guide onColo

Page 12 - Operation4

2Table of contents1. Disposal of used electrical and electronic equipment... 41.1 Disposing of the bat

Page 13 - Remote control4.3

20Bluetooth mode8.WARNINGDriving and having a Telephone conversation at the same time is dangerous, please park your car before having a telephone con

Page 14

21ACAD100NIn Bluetooth main menu, Bluetooth Disconnect Profile screen will show when a profile is linked in Hands free profile or A2DP profile.Auto-co

Page 15 - Main menu5

22Speed Dial Mode8.6A stored number can be stored as a speed dial (abbreviated number) by pressing a number (any number from 0 to 9) for 3-4 seconds.T

Page 16 - No Disk Warning5.5

23ACAD100NUtility8.10Utility contains various features for user comfort and convenience. Tap on the Utility Control button from main menu screen to en

Page 17 - Drive Warning5.6

24Setting control9.Your device has default system settings. You can customize the settings to suit your personal needs. Once you change settings, your

Page 18 - Radio player6

25ACAD100NButton FunctionBrightness TFT Panel brightness controlAV1 Rear CAM / OtherRear Gear Enable/DisableRear CAM: set AV1 as rear cam, Other: set

Page 19 - AV-IN Mode7

26TA9.5TA SEEK modeWhen newly tuned station does not receive TP information for 5 sec, the radio retunes to next station which has not the same statio

Page 20 - Bluetooth mode8

27ACAD100NDVD setup menu10. Press the SETUP button on the remote control to enter the DVD player setup menu to setup the DVD player operation settin

Page 21 - Voice Transfer8.5

28Audio setup10.3Down Mix setupPress the DOWN arrow to enter the sub-menu. If you want analog stereo signals, set the sound mode to ‘STEREO’. If you w

Page 22 - A2DP Music Player8.9

29ACAD100NAnti-theft system11.Remove the panel11.1 Press the POWER button to switch the power off. Press OPEN button to detach the panel. Pull t

Page 23 - Calendar8.12

3ACAD100N11. Anti-theft system ... 2911.1 Remo

Page 24 - Setting control9

30Handling discs12. Dirty, scratched or warped discs may cause skip ping or noise. Handle the disc only by the edges. To keep clean do not touch i

Page 25 - RDS & Radio control9.4

31ACAD100NCleaning13.Cleaning the cabinet13.1Wipe with a soft cloth. If the cabinet is very dampen (not dropping wet) the cloth with a weak solution o

Page 26

32Troubleshooting14.Symptom Cause SolutionNo power. The car ignition is not on. If the power supply is properly connected to the car accessory, switch

Page 27 - DVD setup menu10

33ACAD100NService and warranty15.In case of technical problems with your product, contact the sales outlet where you have purchased this productAKAI B

Page 28 - Parental setup

34Technical data16.GeneralParameter ValueOperation Voltage Range 11-16.0 VDCMaximum Operation Current 10 AGrounding System Car Battery, Negative PoleI

Page 29 - Anti-theft system11

35ACAD100NGPS system17.Warnings and safety information17.1AKAI NAVI PLUS is a navigation system that helps you find your way to your selected destinat

Page 30 - Handling discs12

36GPS antenna installation17.3The unit determines its position by communicating with the Global Positioning Satellites through its GPS antenna. The wa

Page 31 - Cleaning13


Page 32 - Troubleshooting14

Heeft u na het lezen van deze handleiding nog vragen?Neemt u dan contact op met AKAI Benelux via:0900-3555333Avez-vous des questions après avoir lu ce

Page 33 - Service and warranty15

4Disposal of used electrical and electronic 1.equipmentZThe meaning of the symbol on the material, its accessory or packaging indicates that this prod

Page 34 - Technical data16

5ACAD100N Please familiarize yourself with the different functions of your device before you begin driving. Excessively high volumes can pose a risk

Page 35 - GPS system17

6 Before the final installation of the device into a DIN insertion compartment in the dashboard, connect the cables and test the connections. Only

Page 36 - GPS antenna installation17.3

7ACAD100NInstallation3.Unpacking and checking the contents3.1Please check if the following items and accessories are included in the received package:

Page 37 - Notes18

81x Car Radio/Navigation Bluetooth1x Protective carrying case for detachable front panel1x Mounting bracket1x Assemble bar1x Screw B15x164x Bolt M54x

Page 38 - 070-355505

9ACAD100NDetachable control panel3.3Detaching the control panel1234456 Switch the power off. Press the OPEN button to release the panel. Pull th

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