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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Cardreader and Front line-in

Carradio CD-player with USB-port, Cardreader and Front line-inGB 2NL 23FR 45ES 68DE 91EL 137User manualGebruiksaanwijzingManuel de l’utilisateurM

Page 2 - Copyright notice

10Behind control panel27 EJECT button28 Disc slot29 RESET buttonOperation5. Detachable control panel5.1 The control panel can be detached in order

Page 3 - Safety1

11ACAC105UC! CAUTION ● Do not insert the control panel from the right side. It can damage the control panel.● This control panel is not waterproof

Page 4 - Preparations for use2

12i● Upon switching on, the appliance is default in the radio mode, unless there is a disc in the slot.● Selection of the USB mode or the memory car

Page 5 - Installation3

13ACAC105UC- PTY SPEECH: the search is limited to radio stations with program type SPEECH- PTY OFF: the search is not limited to a specic program t

Page 6

14- The volume level will be increased to the threshold value if it was under the threshold valueCD functions5.4 ● To insert a disc:- Press the OPE

Page 7 - ISO Cable Connection3.1

15ACAC105UCUSB functions5.5 ● To insert a USB device:- Open the cover (19).- Insert the device in the slot (18).● Press the MODE button (6) until

Page 8 - Cable connection

16● Press the SELECT button (3). The rst digit is xed and the second digit starts blinking.● Turn the VOLUME dial (3) to select the second digit o

Page 9 - Functions4

17ACAC105UC● To exit the menu at any time, press the DISP button (4), or wait for approx. 8 seconds. After 8 seconds the unit automatically exits the

Page 10 - Operation5

18SEEK- SEEK 1: the automatic search for a preset radio station is stopped when a radio station is detected, even if you keep pressing the AUTO SEEK

Page 11 - General functions5.2

19ACAC105UCCleaning and maintenance6. Cleaning the cabinet6.1 Wipe with a soft cloth. If the cabinet is very dirty, dampen (not dropping wet) the clot

Page 12 - Radio functions5.3

Table of contentsCopyright noticeDesign and specications are subject to change without notice.1. Safety ...

Page 13 - Using the TA function

20Troubleshooting7. Trouble ActionNo power. The car ignition is not on. If the power supply is properly connected to the car accessory, switch the

Page 14 - CD functions5.4

21ACAC105UCUSB playbackTrouble ActionNo playback USB device is not installed or installed incorrectly. Insert USB device into slot. Incompatible

Page 15 - SD/MMC functions5.6

22LINE OUTParameter ValueMax. output level 1.5 VImpedance 10 k ΩSupported media formatsParameter ValueDisc types CD/CD-R/CD-RWAudio formats MP3/

Page 16 - Advanced functions5.8

3ACAC105UCSafety1. Intended use1.1 The Car Radio Music System plays music from CD, USB device, memory card and radio. Read the manual carefully befor

Page 17

4General safety instructions1.3 ! WARNING Do not put force on the appliance. The appliance can fall and can cause serious injury.! CAUTION Do not sp

Page 18 - Resetting the appliance5.9

5ACAC105UCPackage contents2.2 The following items are included in the received package:1x Car Radio Music System1x Detachable front panel1x Protect

Page 19 - Cleaning and maintenance6

6 7ACAC105UC● Remove the outer edge from the unit.● Remove the detachable control panel.● Remove the release screws.● Insert the release keys to s

Page 20 - Troubleshooting7

6 7ACAC105UC7ACAC105UCISO Cable Connection3.1 135724685748BAISO A CONNECTORi Depending on the manufacturer, the contacts on your vehicle connection m

Page 21 - Technical data8

88 9ACAC105UCConnecting random equipment3.2 LINE OUTANTENNELRAudio connections (output)● Connect a suitable cable to the L/R channels of the LINE OUT

Page 22 - Supported media formats

8 9ACAC105UCFunctions4. Control panel4.1 54312626 23 21 2025 247 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19221 POWER button2 MUTE button3 SELECT button/VOLU

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