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Welcome to iMPC! The main interface recreates the look, feel, and some of
the key workflows of the famous MPC line of drum machine samplers.
From this screen, everything you need to play and record sequences and
programs is available at your fingertips. You can also access the other major
areas of the App from here.
Title Bar
Tap to open the Mixer panel. The mixer allows you to mix the tracks of each
sequence. For details, see Mixer.
Tap to open the Effects screens. Effects add extra audio variation to the
tracks of each sequence. For details, see FX.
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Title Bar

>USER GUIDE: MAIN INTERFACEWelcome to iMPC! The main interface recreates the look, feel, and some ofthe key workflows of the famous MPC line of dr

Page 2 - Main Vol

< >USER GUIDE: PROGRAM EDITORThe Program Editor is where you can edit the samples for each of the padsin the program and adjust their paramete

Page 3 - Adjusts the output volume

Select Edit to adjust the parameters for a selected pad.


LevelAdjusts the volume for the pad.TuneAdjusts the pitch of the sample.Tap the Cntr button on either of these parameters to bring the control backto

Page 5 - Time Correct

< >Hold mode plays the sample only for as long as you hold the pad.Sample New SoundOpens the Sampler. If a pad is selected, the sample will sa

Page 6 - 16 Levels

< >USER GUIDE: SEQUENCE AND PROGRAM MENUSThe sequence and program menus in the expanded LEDscreen provide the editorial functions. Access both

Page 7 - Variation Slider

ReorderTap Reorder to rearrange the sequence list. Tapping this button causes a setof three parallel lines to appear to the right of sequence title. P


Sequence. This is helpful for creating a brand new groove with a favoritesound set.CloneCreates a copy of the selected sequence.ExportExport the curre

Page 9

RenameTap the edit button next to the title to rename the sequence.CancelExits the Sequence Details screen without saving changes.SaveSaves the sequen

Page 10 - Edit Menu

< >NewCreates a new empty program.CloneCreates a copy of the program.EditOpens the Program Editor.DeleteDeletes the program.PROGRAM EDITOR MIX

Page 11

< >< >USER GUIDE: MIXERThis screen displays the controls for all the tracks in thesequence.PanTurn the knob left or right to route the

Page 12

Tap to enter the sampler and create new samples. You can sample from theiPad mic, line-in, or anything in your Music Library! For details, see Sampler

Page 14 - Sequence Menu

< >USER GUIDE: FXAdd effects to tracks to create new and evolving sounds.Tap the arrow buttons on the left and right, or swipe tomove between

Page 15

around themselves instead of clipping. This makes the sound louder andmore distorted. Use the threshold control to set when the wrapping shouldoccur.T

Page 16 - Sequence Details

< >MCL Master Compressor/LimiterThe MCL Master Compressor/Limiter reduces the dynamic range of theoutput to prevent signal clipping, minimizin

Page 17 - Program Menu

< >USER GUIDE: SAMPLERThe Sampler allows you to create your own samples fromtracks in your iTunes library. This screen can be accessedfrom the

Page 18 - < >

Opens a turntable and the option to load tracks from the iTunes library.LoadOpens the iTunes library. Select the track to sample from the standard iOS

Page 19

< >Once a sound has been sampled, the save view screen opens.RenameTap the edit button next to the sample name to rename the file.RetryGoes ba

Page 20

< >USER GUIDE: IMPC COMMUNITYiMPC Community is the place to listen to beats by otheriMPC users, and share your own. Any sequences youshare onl

Page 21 - DDT Bit-Crusher

< >My ActivityDisplays all your activity on other accounts (liking, commenting, etc.).FollowingDisplays the activity of all the artists youʼre

Page 22 - ED2 Tempo-Syncable Delay

< USER GUIDE: IMPORTING AND EXPORTING FILESiTunes File SharingAny exported Sequences or custom Samples will appear in “iMPCDocuments” in iTunes. Fr

Page 23 - MCL Master Compressor/Limiter

Adjusts the output volume.PadsThe heart and soul of the MPC! 16 Pads each with a sound. Tap, hold bangon these to play the sounds of your current Prog

Page 24 - Main View


Page 25 - Save View

Data ScreenDisplays information about the current Sequence, Track and Program.Each Sequence has four Tracks. Each Track can have a different Program(i

Page 26

Data wheelThe data wheel is a continuous/jog wheel that scrolls though the sequences.Turn the wheel clockwise to advance the Sequence, counter-clockwi

Page 27

interval. As you record, your notes will be fixed to the selected interval of1/8, 1/8T, 1/16, 1/16T, 1/32, or 1/32T notes. If you Set Time Correct toN

Page 28 - Following

16 Levels is a famous MPC feature that allows you to use all 16 Pads toalter parameters of one Sound. You can use this to play melodic baselines,creat

Page 29 - Import Custom Sounds

The Variation Slider affects the same four Parameters that 16 levels does,but on a smoothly sliding scale. This lets you create subtle variations whil

Page 30

< >OverdubPress and hold this button and the Play or Play Start to start Overdubbing.While Overdubbing, any previously recorded notes on the c

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